You know NFL quarterbacks have private facebook pages on top of the ones that we all see.  And, you just know THIS is what they look like "on any given Monday"!

Come on now, that facebook page for your favorite QB that you "liked" and religiously follow is the cleaned up, be PC, "little kids are reading this" page.  The real pages for Brady, RGIII, Roth, Roesl, Rotli ... The Steelers guy ... and all the others probably look much more like this:

Check out the whole thread at,  It's hysterical!

There are actually a couple of versions of this.

The other one starts like this:

Follow the rest of that one, which is also pretty freakin' funny, at!

Then, be sure you check out these "pages" again on Black Friday.

I'm sure the updates will be equally entertaining!

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