Amazon has passed Walmart as the most valuable retailer in the world. Now worth $250 billion dollars, Amazon isn't getting the credit it deserves for a major accomplishment from one news anchor.

These two anchors are trying so hard to keep it together during a morning report that features the news story on Amazon. Just when the female co-host finishes her report, her male counterpart puts in his opinion on why Amazon has finally beat Walmart, which came in as $230 billion.

After learning all about Amazon from a "friend" the anchor explains how sex toys are the reason for Amazon's popularity. Walmart doesn't sell sex toys, so it is losing all of that possible profit to Amazon. The newsman looks like he might be a little hungover and fueled by rage while he explains his sex toy theory. I have a feeling he isn't sharing all his sources about Amazon's sex toy deals.

If anyone deserves an award it is his co-host who is trying so hard to not slap him in the face. She calmly tells him that people are trying to enjoy breakfast, so he shouldn't joke like that. Of course, he doesn't care. If Ron Burgundy was a real anchor, this would be the news station he would currently be working for.