I've seen this all around town and it makes me really happy to be apart of this movement. Young people moving to El Paso, and not away. Check out what The New York Times had to say about the Sun City!


I saw this article being circulated on Facebook and wanted to see what people have to say about El Paso. The article is wonderful and had great things to say about El Paso. In the past, the young El Paso residents would graduate from high school and get out of the city. Instead, there has been a recent trend of younger El Pasoans going out of El Paso but then coming back once they have had some life experiences.

I think this is great. Younger El Pasoans are out there experiencing new things and then bringing their knowledge back to make El Paso better. The entire city has been changing with new stores, restaurants, entertainment, and more. Every where I look I see new businesses and advertisement for them. From the West side to the far East side, the city is becoming more appealing to young people. Rent and even buying a house is cheaper in El Paso than in other cities this size. There are plenty of parks, land, new development, and other things to entice different people to this area. Even I am an example of this. I grew up in another state and came to New Mexico State University for college, then moved to El Paso for work. I could have moved back but living here is cheaper and has more job opportunities than back home. Plus, my apartment in Los Angeles was the same size as my apartment I moved to here and was about $1,300 less.

You can read the entire article here, which includes interviews with local El Pasoans who came back to the city to make it better!