New vids today peeps!  Two from new bands and one from a classic metal act band who are back in action!

I'm sure pretty much everyone is familiar with Tesla.  They have been at it since the late 80's with songs like "What You Give", "Modern Day Cowboy" and "Little Suzi".  Now they're back with "So Divine"!  (They love El Chuco as well, having done some recording at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo!)  Listen for them during Q Connected this weekend and check out the vid right now!

Moving on now to a couple of new bands!  Islander haven't been around that long but they're already making big waves.  Revolver magazine called their debut cd Violence and Destruction "One of the Most Anticipated Albums of 2014".  Alternative Press included them in their "100 bands you need to know this year" compilation!  They have a busy summer ahead rocking the Mayhem tour.  (Albq July 12th)  Watch the vid here and listen for them Sunday night during Q Connected!

Finally, Tim Armstrong of Rancid has been busy lately producing the new disc by The Interrupters.  A Ska-punk band from L. A. with a sound similar to Rancid.

Check out their vid as well and, Rancid fans, watch for Tim to make an appearance in it!!  Catch the song again Sunday night during, yep, Q Connected!