Stone Sour has been working on their latest for a while now, and Corey has been talking about it being a huge concept record, and not a singles-based album. He's just finished laying down the vocals for their fourth album, and they've announced more information about it!

The first song to come out has yet to be determined, but will be available in August. He's not sure which song it will be, as there are apparently "a lot of prospects". Some of the song titles so far are "Taciturn", "Absolute Zero", RU486", and "A Rumor Of Skin". I like that last title a lot.

The first half of the album will have 12 songs on it and comes out in October, with the second half coming out next year, again with 12 songs on it. You'll only get the lyrics on the band's website, it seems.

Rachel Bolan laid down the bass parts for the songs, and he said they're "f-ing fierce", right before Corey ripped the chain connecting his ear and nose together, then he just screamed the first word again and again. Corey says the concept for the album is very ambitious:

The album is a morality play about a man who's standing at the crossroads of his life trying to figure out what to do next," he said. "He's going, 'Do I move foward and evolve? Do I become more responsible or do I run backwards and pilfer the basket of youth?' Sometimes it's romantic to live in the mistakes that you made when you were 20, and condemn yourself to perpetual adolescence.

Via Blabbermouth

Check out he acoustic live performance of one of the new songs, "Taciturn" live from the Download festival:

There are more versions here.