I have had the pleasure of going on Warped Tour and hanging out for a few years now and it's always good to see friends getting recognition for a job well done!

This show is on Fuse TV and is all about the hard work that goes on back behind the scenes at Warped Tour for every show. You get to see every element from doing security with Sully (who is someone you NEVER want to cross on tour btw), handing out water with Ernie, getting all the food together with Shelleylyn, or running the show with Kevin Lyman himself, the shows gives you an inside on the details on the ultimate rock and roll summer camp.

Warped Tour is the ultimate in travel festival concerts, since it has been around for 18 years, it is the longest running traveling festival concert out there. Plus, the founder Kevin Lyman, is literally the man I wish I could be when I grow up. Creator of Warped Tour, Coachellafest, Stagecoach Country Festival and  Metal Mayhem, this man has created most of my favorite concerts out there! Not to mention he's a wonderful down to earth person who's always willing to talk and see how the fans are liking the show.

Kevin gave me a book about four years ago on the history of Warped Tour, with input from various artists on their experiences on Warped Tour. It is by far my favorite book I have ever read and made me into the concert fanatic that I am today. I credit him with making me realize how much a concert and seeing a band can ever meet to one fan. Especially this fan.

The show is about the crew and what it takes to make an entire city in one day, then tear it all down and do it over and over. I am so excited to check this show out when it comes on! It will definitely bring back some memories of fights, drunken nights, and one time involving the lead singer of Anti-flag and a pair of sunglasses that will forever live down in history.

The show premieres December 7th at 11 PM on FuseTV. Yu can check out the trailers below.