Rob Zombie is gearing up for a new tour and just released a new video!!

Rob Zombie is a busy guy these days.  His latest cd "Venmous Rat Regeneration Vendor" is out and doing well, his "Great American Nightmare" attraction in Los Angeles is winding down (it officially wraps up this weekend with a performance by his little brother Spiders' band Powerman 5000 and Rob himself!) and he's also about to begin the "Night Of The Living Dreads" tour with Korn!!  (Want a chance to meet Rob somewhere on that tour??)

Somewhere in all that, he found time to shoot the video for his version of Grand Funk Railroads anthem, "Were An American Band"!!  (Grand Funk Railroad will actually be in the area soon themselves!  They play The Inn Of The Mountain Gods Saturday night!)

Check out Robs new vid below and the dates for his tour with Korn here!

Road trip anyone??