You owe money to us! For videos you rented back in 2009. Umm, does anyone else out there smell some bullsh*t in the air?

So today I got a letter in the mail from University Fidelity, LP who apparently is the company that took over for Hollywood Video when they went bankrupt. This company stated that I had an outstanding debt of $37.15 for 3 movies that I rented back in 2009!

Now, Hollywood Video went bankrupt back in May of 2010 so why in the hell would I be getting a letter almost 2 years later. Also, Hollywood Video used to have a very strict rule that you could not rent a movie if you had a previous balance still on your account. So if I rented a movie back in August of 2009 and had a past due balance, how would I be able to rent other movies all the way in April of 2010? Get another past due balance and then AGAIN rent a move in May and get a past due Balance. Then, the company went bankrupt that month and that is when my previous balances stop.

So, to try and remedy this situation I obviously called their number to try and dispute these charges. When I called, not only did I wait on hold for an entire freaking HOUR, no one ever answered! They only thing I got was that their mailbox was full, and that I could just go online and pay my debt easily. Too bad this debt isn't mine bitch so I'm not paying it nice and easy. Googling the company I saw there are several complaints from people about how they believe this is a new scam to try and get people to pay balances that they already paid.

When Hollywood Video closed I felt bad. I asked the cashier to check my account to make sure I did not have a past due balance when they closed. I thought I would make sure I was good because obviously I didn't want to screw over the company more than it already was. But apparently whoever they had buy them out wants to screw over all of their loyal customers. So this makes me wonder, who else got these bogus letters and is being told to pay sh*t they already paid?! I know I cant be the only one....