These days, everyone from advertisers to private detectives to your ex and the government want to track you online.  This app stops 'em!!

According to an article at, you can now search the internet in peace AND still use your favorite search engine(s)!!

The app is called disconnect and it stops tracking in a number of ways.  It uses the search portals main sites and the omnibox (whatever the hell that is) for Firefox users and the browser bar for Chrome users.  According to the apps developers;

Search queries are routed through Disconnect’s servers, “which makes the queries look like they’re coming from Disconnect instead of a specific user’s computer,” the company says.

On top of that, Disconnect search engines can't pass on keywords to sites visited or from the search results pages.  ISPs (whatever the hell they are) can't see them either and disconnect doesn't log any keywords or other info once you're search is complete!

These days, privacy is harder and harder to come by so hopefully this post helps you out! (Especially since this one probably didn't!!)  :)