Ever said you were working late to go out with the boys?  Then get busted 'cuz you come home smelling like cheap perfume and baby powder??

Those days may be over my brothers!!  Somebody (and if it wasn't Buzz, I'm sure he's a major stockholder) has got you covered if you seek your entertainment in "Gentlemans Establishments"!!

These aftershave(s) offer a variety of scents to match your cover story!  Try the "been working on my car" scent if you claim you broke down or maybe the "Eu de I had to work late".  (Unless you're a fireman ... or Mike Rowe ...  I have NO idea what that one might smell like.)

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I don't really worry about those things (my girl rocks!!) but, I do have a guaranteed method!  For a modest fee; I'll let you ride around the block on my bike.  It runs so well that; the gas, oil and 'somethings burning' smell should cover ANYTHING you might have "gotten on you"!    :)