El Paso isn't going to win any awards for the cleanliness of it's vehicles anytime soon, but we can still make them look nicer. Well, cooler anyway!!

There's a TON of artistic potential there!!

Between the dust, the wind and those "just a drop or two" rain storms we get, keeping cars clean around El Chuco is a pain in the ass!

I think I found a solution though!  Instead of wasting money, time and effort washing and waxing and drying; take an art class at the El Paso Museum Of Art.  Then "pimp your ride" like Scott Wade does!

I spend as much time out shooting and/or 4 wheeling as I can, and as little time washing my truck as I can, so it's just begging for some attention!

(Being that my girlfriends Mom is an art instructor, I ... ok, SHE ... should have it looking sharp in no time!)

Wades' work has even been featured in music videos! (The window art is great and the chick's pretty hot! The music; ehhhh.)

If the window washers on the El Paso/Juarez bridges would learn to do this, they'd make a fortune.  The lines are certainly long enough to give 'em time!!