The Queen was able to go and visit Ireland set for the popular HBO show Game Of Thrones about a month ago, and it looks like some people wish they could have been there with her. 

Youtube User Omer Barnea

Back in June, Queen Elizabeth II went to Northern Ireland to visit the Belfast set for Game of Thrones. She was able to meet many of the actors on the show, and tour the large throne room of Westeros. The Queen was even offered the chance to sit on the iron throne, a place many Game of Thrones fans wish they could see, let alone be able to sit in. The Queen turned down the offer, but did receive a miniature version of the iron throne to take with her.

The Queen must be an even bigger fan of Game of Thrones than we thought, because her highness had her guard perform the theme song to the show at Buckingham Palace. Some tourists who happened to be there were able to videotape their performance and put it online for our enjoyment. Check out the video below. They should incorporate this version into the show as well, the guard performs a really good version!