How has this particular holiday gotten past me all these years?

I had no idea this "National No Bra day" existed, but I am ALL for it!!

As hot and humid as it's been lately here in the Borderland lately, doing without this particular article of clothing doesn't seem like a bad idea.

As a public service to you all; here are a few body painting ideas that may come in handy today!

How about all the El Paso/Las Cruces area ladies? Anyone going bra-less today?  Got pics you want to share??

In fact, you know what???????  In honor of this day, we should totally do a special edition of Scotts boobs of the day!!  Get the pictures coming folks and Scott and I will work tirelessly to put together a photo gallery we can post here later this afternoon!

All of a sudden, Monday doesn't suck as much as usual!! :)