Last year, this "holiday" almost got past me.

This year though, I'm all over National No Bra Day!  I'm not sure who started it, (I'm not even sure exactly how or where to celebrate it for that matter) but it has rapidly become one of my favorite days!

This guy seems to have found a way to celebrate the day!  (I don't necessarily recommend that you try it though...)

Seriously; don't you think we should all get this day off?  That way we could all take the day off, go somewhere nice ... Wet n Wild maybe? ... and spend the day having a few cold ones and enjoying a second day in July of celebrating "freedom"!!

Ronson and I are already talking to the bosses here at The Q about officially making this a holiday.  (Gonna try for a 3 day weekend deal also!)  Talk to your boss as well!

Together, we can make this happen!!  :)