Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

I'm not a big fan of politicians as it is, but some REALLY annoy me.

Sometimes they're amusing ... sometimes they're aggravating ... sometimes they make you mad.  Nancy Pelosis most recent comments have me over in the mad category.  (If you're a supporter of Pelosi, I don't mean to offend or upset you.  Read on though, you may find yourself agreeing with me this time!)

Her latest pearl of wisdom?  With regard to the upcoming sequester, she says we shouldn't "ruin her dignity by cutting her paycheck".  (According to, she's "getting by" on $217,400 annually.)

Dignity huh?  As far as I can tell, politicians created the mess we're in.  Being that they can't ... or won't ... work together now to fix what they broke, shouldn't they be the first to sacrifice?

What do you think?