I would think if you want to hold a debate on a subject, you would let both sides state their opinion but not Nancy Grace. She is against the legalization of pot and if you are for it, she doesn't want to hear it but everyone is going to joke about it.

In a segment that happened earlier this week on Grace's show, she invited Mason Tvert, communications director of the Marijuana Policy Project, and Brad Lamm, addiction specialist to join her in discussing the legalization of marijuana.

Tvert seemed cornered in the conversation by Grace and Lamm throughout this segment, since they spoke over arguments Tvert tried to make and just said anything that popped in their head, to try to prove him wrong. Grace made herself sound ridiculous as she tells of situations where she has seen, "...people on pot that shoot each other, stab each other, strangle each other, drive under the influence, kill families, wipe out a whole family."

No matter what your opinion is on legalizing marijuana, you should respect others opinions. If you invite people on a talk show, let them have their say and feel free to discuss the issue in a way that audiences will understand. The only winner in this argument was Tvert for being the only one with manners.

The most ridiculous thing that I think came out of Grace's mouth was about her making her husband hide his soda in front of their children! Give that guy some weed to relax. Watch the debate that everyone is joking about. Do you agree with Grace?