I cannot think of anything creepier than a gathering of 800 clowns.  Unless it was a gathering of 800 snakes...   The 17th International Clown Convention held in Mexico City brought together 800 clowns from around the world.  They met at the Mother's Monument to laugh and clown around for a full 15 minutes, a "laugh for peace," hoping for a world with more laughter and less violence.  Over 1,000 clowns attended the four-day convention help for clowns to trade jokes, swap ideas and learn new skills.  Mexico has about 10,000 clowns, 70% of them are male and they are an important part of Mexican culture. I am totally freaked out by clowns, I think they are scary and creepy.  Their parade kinda reminds me of a Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco!  I appeared on the Bozo The Clown Show as a child and wasn't scared of clowns back then.  I don't know what the heck happened to me.  Maybe Stephen King had something to do with it. I keep wondering how many clowns are in Juarez.  Too creepy!