You know, Fathers just have a way of putting everything together.

We all know them and love them ... for their talent, their performances, their crazy and adventurous lifestyle and above all; for the gorgeous women they call daughters.


Here are my Top 5 Hottest Rock n' Roll Daughters!!


Starting at #5: Frances Bean Cobain


Daughter of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain. Frances has done some modeling and has done approximately six official interviews. She is now an artist and will have her first solo exhibition this month.


#4: Kelly Osbourne


Daughter of Ozzy Osbourne. We've seen her ups and downs, and I'm not only talking about her weight (which honestly, she's looking pretty hot lately). Kelly went from a punk chubby chick to a slim sexy woman right in front of our eyes. Who would've known!


#3: Sophie Simmons


Daughter of Kiss bassist Gene Simmons. I first saw her on the reality series, "Gene Simmons Family Jewels". Pretty girl, smart and loves to burp. Definitely got most of her mothers looks. (Former playmate Shannon Tweed.)


#2: Lauren Harris


Daughter of bassist and founder of Iron Maiden, Steve Harris. This gorgeous and talented woman went far and beyond without the help of her very known dad. Lauren wanted to get her band started without any help and she did an awesome job! She's currently still singing and rockin'! On June 2008, she opened up for Iron Maiden.

Are ya ready for #1??

Calico Cooper


You probably already know because of the last name who her famous dad is ... Alice Cooper. In 2000, Calico Cooper joined her daddy dearest on his full of blood, guillotines, electric chairs and plenty more of horror movie like elaborate shows. But who wouldn't want to check out the gorgeous Calico show us how a real psycho is?! I suppose the phrase, "Like Father, Like Daughter" fits perfect here!


So these are my Top 5 Hottest Rock Daughters, who knew that these hotties are the daughters of such rock stars?! ... Which one is your favorite?