These ladies didn't think before getting inked.

We've all heard of that famous saying, "If you get a tattoo having to do with a lover, you have officially jinxed the relationship and you break up". Apparently these famous hot chicks didn't get the memo ... and if they did, they ignored it and threw it away.

Here are my Top 5 Hot Celebrity Chicks with Tattoos dedicated to their exs.



We all know the gorgeous Denise Richards was married to crazy-boy Charlie Sheen. Once they got married they got each others names tattooed. Charlie got 'Denise' on his wrist as she got 'Charlie' on her ankle. Once divorced, he got her name completely removed as she turned hers into a fairy.

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Once married to Motley Crues Tommy Lee, Pamela got his first name tattooed on her finger (talk about never forgetting the ring anywhere) instead of wearing a ring. After their divorce, she replaced his name 'Tommy' to 'Mommy' ... kinda weird, its like saying you're married to your mom.

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Jolie, known for her love of tattoos, while being with Billy Bob Thorton, got his name tatted to her arm right above her famous dragon tattoo. Later on having it removed and now has the birthplace coordinates of her kids.

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You would think since being a tattoo artist herself, she would know better. But we're talking about Kat. Her infamous relationship turned engagement to Jesse James got her a bit inspired and got his childhood portrait tattooed on her side (which she is now getting removed ... ouch!).

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There's a good reason why she is my number one. While married to baseball star, David Justice, Berry got his name tatted on her butt cheek. Regreting ever getting the tattoo, once they separated she had a sunflower tattooed over it. (Funny choice of replacement ... because the sun don't shine there).

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As love might not last forever ... tattoos do.