While watching the Super Bowl from my home in El Paso, Texas, I made these observations regarding this years Super Bowl which took place in New Jersey.


1.)     Judging by the look on his face, did anyone else think Peyton Manning might announce his retirement at half-time?

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   2.) In the Coke commercial, they had “America the Beautiful” being sung in multiple different              languages. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I feel that our National Anthem should be sung              in AMERICAN ONLY!


    3.) Did Seinfeld forget that Seinfeld was a comedy?


    4.) I remember when video games tried to look like an actual football game. Now, football games            try to look like a video game.


5.)      “Hey, I’m Bruno Mars and I want to thank this choir of children for joining me on stage! Now for my first number….Yeah, your sex takes me to paradise! Your sex takes me to paradiiiiise…”

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6.)      Why aren’t the Red Hot Chili Peppers in trouble for showing nipple during their halftime show?

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7.)      Morpheus sings opera?? And a Kia is a luxury car???


8.)      If your ad features a soldier, how many of your product do I have to be to not be considered un-patriotic.


9.)      Cheer up, Eli! Now, at least you’re not the only Manning brother to stink things up at Met Life Stadium.


10.)   If it’s any consolation, Philip Seymour Hoffman, you didn’t miss much.