All my friends know I LOVE scruffy men. Especially men with beards. I must also mention they need either tattoos, leather, be in a band, hipster swag, or basically like they haven't showered in a week. Or this little accessory right here- the beard squirrel.

Now when I first saw this picture on my friend's Facebook, my first thought was, "This is very strange.....strangely attractive to me." Then my next thought was, "Where can I buy this for all my prospective suitors?!" Sadly, this is not a real item for sale. Trust me, I googled this thing. But it did give me many new ideas of new things I could put in a man's beard: Bird's nests, bumblebees, butterflies, tater tots, you name it!

So for Christmas now I know exactly what from Santa! A scruffy man with a beard long enough to stick squirrels, bird's nest, and other random things in it. Because you never know when your out and are going to want a tater tot. Your man could provide a snack for you in his beard.