With Thanksgiving a day away ... what are your plans?

Thanksgiving is the day we give 'thanks' for everything we have and don't have, for our family and friends, our health and a little of everything else. Apart from spending the time together cooking and setting the table and enjoying each others company; one of the things I love to do is watch movies while we start putting our Christmas decorations up.

Here are some of my favorite movies we watch on Thanksgiving weekend.






Pieces of April

Though am not really a Katie Holmes fan, I really liked this movie about a girl who prepares everything for her parents and siblings to come over for Thanksgiving. Things don't really turn out the way she planned, but in the end she makes the best of things.


Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Everyone knows this one! I think the combination between Steve Martin and John Candy was priceless. Very touching and hilarious at the same time. You must check this movie out if you haven't seen it already and if you saw it already ... see it again! My favorite part is when he gets back to the car rental place. Jaja


A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

I think a cartoon is always a great idea. Especially a classic like Charlie Brown and the gang!!


Mr. Bean and the Christmas Turkey

Now, only because its Thanksgiving doesn't mean that we can't get the spirit started with a little Christmas humor. So we go with Mr. Bean ... can't go wrong with that! The man is a genius and I have the whole collection.


Zack & Miri Make a Porno

Then to add a little adult humor we have Zack & Miri. C'mon, this movie is hilarious ... and technically, it takes place on Thanksgiving. Grannie Panties!! :P



Since Thanksgiving is also a time to spend with each other, we don't only watch movies, we also play games together like Clue, Twister, The Beatles Monopoly (guess who suggests that ... Dubba G ... ), darts, foosball and many more. The best part is we add our own rules and deals.

So what are your favorite 'corny' Thanksgiving traditions, movies, moments?!