I bet all of you thought we here at KLAQ can't "win" anything.... you are SO WROOOOONG!!! (lol) Well it seems that Santa saw fit that I get my (unofficial) bonus early. I was feeling rather thirsty rocking El Paso out and decided to grab something from the vending machine.

I popped in my $1.25 to get an Arizona "Mucho Mango" fruit punch. Then, figured its gonna be a long night might as well stock up. So then I put more money for the next drink and the machine dispensed it, BUT then out of nowwhere it played a cute little jingle and displayed on the LED screen, "YOU WON!/USTED GANO!" and then started dropping change!! Apparently, I won a free snack so i tried a second time but no luck!! Oh well, somethings better than Nothing!! :o)) lets see if I'm as lucky at Sunland Park!!