This all has to do with a fine for fishing without a license.

The bearded and becapped gentleman in the video is 52 year old Ernest Tertelgte. To fully appreciate Mr. Tertelgte's comments you need to know something about the "sovereign citizen" movement.

Essentially, it's people who have convinced themselves that they don't have to pay taxes if they claim to be a a citizen sovereign unto none but opposed to a "federal citizen".  They believe that they can somehow be free from federal, state and local laws (and taxes!) just by saying the right words. It's almost like uttering a magical incantation and, boy, does the guy in this video hit every chapter in the Crackpot Hand-guide: natural law, Hobbes...even the loony argument that a court isn't legitimate if it has a U.S. flag with gold fringe because that's an admiralty-court flag and Oh-my-god-will-you-stop-already-you-have-to-pay-your-fucking-taxes.

The video is posted below...