Not only does this guy eat it from 80 feet up, you get to ride along with him!

Usually when I hear mountain bikers talking about the thrill and danger of their chosen sport I think to myself; "yeah whatever".  "Try I-10 at 5:00pm on a Harley".  (If you really want a thrill; do it at 5pm on the Friday that starts a 3 day weekend!)

After this though, I've decided to quit pulling your respective chains!  This guy takes an insanely gnarly course like it's nothing but the landing takes you from "wow" to "ooooohhhhh".  

I know there are LOTS of mountain bike trails around the El Paso area; particularly in the Franklin and Organ Mountains!  (Plenty of dirt bike riding areas also, but I already know where most of those are!)  I'd love to know where the scariest bicycle ones are!  Anyone got any directions or pictures?  Video maybe?? 

Let me know and I'll go film my own adventures! Then I can show you guys my ride and ...  quite possibly ... the wipeout. 

Maybe some of the ambulance trip .......