Ever get hit on the head?  By a MOTORCYCLE??Last weekend in L. A. Trey Canard, Rick Morais and Weston Peike were in a pileup that caused race 2 to be red flagged.

I mentioned this in the Motorcycle Monday report briefly and moved on. I was under the impression they got a little banged up but were ok.  It wasn't quite that simple ...

Trey Canards' brother, Aaron said Trey;

suffered a collapsed lung, broken ribs and a broken jaw. But the Honda rider enjoyed "100% feeling in his legs," according to a statement on his website. He was scheduled to have surgery this week to reduce "small pressure on the [spinal] cord"

As for Morais, (according to Team Yamaha) he suffered similar injuries and will undergo surgery to align his jaws and to wire his mouth shut for eight weeks. No spinal damage has been detected though!!    That poor guy. 

After my motorcycle wreck a few years ago, I had my mouth and jaws wired shut and believe me; you do NOT want to go through that particular experience.   The first couple of weeks after they cut you loose suck almost as bad as having the wire(s) in. (Lost about 12 pounds! ... don't try this at home though!)

Morais' wife recently tweeted;

"Ryan is much more alert and oriented today! He's no longer asking the same 4 questions!"

Follow the link to read the whole article >>>> click here

Here are a couple of looks at the wipeout. The first one is the closer look, but it happens VERY fast. 

Number two is fan footage. Far away, but you can watch the aftermath and here the announcer comments!!

Best of luck to all three riders!