A Muddy Motorcycle Monday from Los Angeles!!

Brought to us by Santa Teresa Motorsports, located at  910 Livingston in the Upper Valley. Stop in for a free Victory test ride.  Click on the link to schedule your ride, then go take a spin on a bad ass bike!

L.A. got soaked Friday night and Saturday morning. Officials did a pretty good job of keeping the track dry. But,  it was really slippery, as you can see by all the plastic. Glad I didn't have to roll all that out!

Fastest lap times averaging 55 seconds wih Villopoto pulling off a 53.99!!  Look at that picture of the track again.  All that in less than a minute!!

Heat 1 goes to Stewart who managed to keep it on the track this time.  As long as he's upright, the guy is fast and good!!

Not to be outdone, Villopoto takes Heat 2 after a quite a battle between him , Dungey, Canard and Weimer.

Main event-  This one gets red flagged and a re-start is needed after an accident involving Trey Canard and Ryan Morais.  After the re-start, Tedesco gets the hole shot and the race is on!  Reed, Stewart and Dungey (3 former Supercross champions!!!) are fighting hard in the top 3 positions.  Until Reed shows up ...

Somehow Villopoto has fallen way back and Reed is working his way forward.  Stewart manages,  as usual, to fall, and my favorite, Dungey, starts coming up!  Great race which ultimately goes to Reed!!  Dungey gets second and takes over the points lead. Stewart gets third and Villopoto makes it back to 4th place.  Been awhile since he saw things from that angle, I bet he isn't gonna let it happen again!!

Final results and points below!!  There's a cool video up at supercross.com also about prepping bikes for muddy conditions!  Next week, they're at it again in Oakland!

Not much going on locally, but this coming week there are a couple of things coming up.  Watch for more posts here at KLAQ.com about them and also listen for details on KLAQ!!

There it went, the fastest couple of minutes in radio; Motorcycle Monday!!  Brought to you every Monday by Santa Teresa Motorsports and 95.5 KLAQ!!    

250 West 15 Lap Main Event Results

1.Eli Tomac - HON

2.Dean Wilson - KAW

3.Zach Osborne (Not THAT Zach Osbourne!!) - YAM

4.Tyla Rattray - KAW

5.Jason Anderson - SUZ

6.Max Anstie - HON

7.Michael Leib - HON

8.Matt Moss - KTM

9.Martin Davalos - SUZ

10.Billy Laninovich - HON

11.Nico Izzi - YAM

12.Ryan Sipes - YAM

13.Vince Friese - HON

14.Ted Maier - HON

15.Cole Seely - HON

16.Scott Champion - HON

17.N Paluzzi - KAW

18.G Faith - HON

19.Marvin Musquin - KTM

20.Travis Baker - HON

Supercross 20 Lap Main Event Results

1.Chad Reed - HON

2.Ryan Dungey - KTM

3.James Stewart - YAM

4.Ryan Villopoto - KAW

5.Brett Metcalfe - SUZ

6.Davi Millsaps - YAM

7.Josh Hansen - KAW

8.Broc Tickle - KAW

9.Kevin Windham - HON

10.Mike Alessi - SUZ

11.Jake Weimer - KAW

12.Kyle Chisholm - KAW

13.Nick Wey - KAW

14.Andrew Short - HON

15.Weston Peick - KAW

16.Kyle Partridge - KAW

17.Josh Grant - KAW

18.Ivan Tedesco - KAW

19.Trey Canard - DNS

20.Ryan Morais - DNS

250 West Point Standings

1.Eli Tomac - 63

2.Dean Wilson - 62

3.Tyla Rattray - 60

4.Cole Seely - 47

5.Zach Osborne - 47

6.Jason Anderson - 44

7.Marvin Musquin - 42

8.Max Anstie - 32

9.Nico Izzi - 32

10.Billy Laninovich - 27

11.Ryan Sipes - 25

12.Michael Leib - 24

13.Matt Moss - 23

14.Travis Baker - 23

15.Vince Friese - 21

16.Teddy Maier - 21

17.Martin Davalos - 15

18.Wil Hahn - 13

19.Scott Champion - 10

20.Bruce Rutherford - 8

Supercross Point Standings

1.Ryan Dungey - 67

2.Chad Reed - 63

3.Ryan Villopoto - 63

4.James Stewart - 48

5.Jake Weimer - 48

6.Kevin Windham - 43

7.Brett Metcalfe - 38

8.Josh Hansen - 36

9.Andrew Short - 36

10.Davi Millsaps - 28

11.Mike Alessi - 28

12.Kyle Chisholm - 25

13.Justin Brayton - 25

14.Broc Tickle - 22

15.Ivan Tedesco - 21

16.Trey Canard - 14

17.Nick Wey - 10

18.Chris Blose - 9

19.Kyle Partridge - 9

20.Weston Peick - 6