We went from cars, to trucks, to hum vees.  Seems only natural that motorcycles should follow that same evolutionary path right?

This thing is HUGE!  Officially, it's called "The Brutus" but, I like "Bike-Zilla" better.

It comes with a liquid-cooled DOHC 750 cc motor with EFI (with claimed 45 hp) and two-speed CVT transmission, and dry centrifugal clutch. There’s an optional reverse, and a snow kit available, with skis!

Not cool enough yet?  Ok, how about adding on a tow bar, winch kit, side car and a generator!?  Now, we're talking!  It's not going to win any races (unless they're up the side of a mountain) but it will totally take you anywhere you want to go!  With it's (relatively) light weight and those monster tires together; the thing may even float!

For you gearheads out there,

the front forks are 43 mm units. Front and rear brakes are both 260 mm stainless steel discs with floating calipers. Saddle height is 850 mm, and front and rear tires are both 14 mm units. Those tires are Maxxis Bighorns.

You could cross Trans Mountain or the Anthony Gap on this sucker easily.  Without ever getting anywhere near the paved road!!  We're hopefully less than a year from this thing hitting the streets. Not to mention everywhere else!

Throw in a rifle scabbord and a can holder?  Oh HELLZ YEAH ... I want one!!!!