Kinda quiet this weekend, but laaaast week! Motorcycle Monday time thanks to Santa Teresa Motorsports; 910 Livingston in the Upper Valley!  Parts, accesories, service, clothing and some sweeeeet bikes!!  (They are still offering the Victory test rides there!!) The 2012 X Games wrapped up at the beginning of the month and ... if you don't already know it ... Mike Mason took the freestyle gold!!  he beat out Nate Adams in teh speed and style competition with some sick riding!!  Check it out!

Locally, The Cremators MC run that was scheduled for Sunday was cancelled so everyone could hit up the Texas Tattoo Showdown!!  A very cool party, check out some of my adventures at!
There it went, a short and sweet Motorcycle Monday thanks to Santa Teresa Motorsports!  Just off Country Club Road road on the west side; right by The Rio!!