Here it comes ... Motorcycle Monday!

 Everybody in Phoenix this weekend for Supercross. Including me!  Not for the race though   :(     I was there for Social Distortion.  :)    Mike and company tearing it UUUUP at The Marquee in Phoenix.  Awesome band, great show ... he's even a snappy dresser. Mike Ness is the coolest! New cd drops tomorrow (1/18/11) for all you fellow Distorters. I should have some pix up soon here at and on Facebook if you're interested!!
Ok, now .. back to business 

Pretty much a sellout this weekend and The Speed Channel carried it all live.  I hope they keep that up .... THAT would rock!!
Stewart runs off with it this week. No big surprise there, catching that guys like catching lightning in a bottle, but I was surprised at Dungy. He only made it to 5th this week.  I still think he's the one to watch this season but first place is definately all about the James!  Couple of oopses here and there ... Roczen going down in one race and falling all the way to 19th.  Stewart down once but he still rides it through to first. Villapoto wiped it once also, but held his spot and finished 2nd overall!  Lap times running less than a minute for the faster guys and Stewart pulling 47-48 second runs!!  Like I said .. he's FAST!  A 48 second roller coaster ride ... over and over again. Man, I wish I was good enough to ride these tracks like that!
In the Lites, it was Hansen again! Good things continuing for this son of a former supercross champion!
Points-wise, it all came down to this:
Supercross top 5
James Stewart .. 45 points
Ryan Villapoto .. 47 points
Trey Canard .. 38 points
Chad Reed .. 34 points
Ryan Dungey .. 38 points
250 Lites top 5
Josh Hansen .. 50 points
Broc Tickle .. 44 points
Ryan Morais .. 35 points
Cole Seely .. 34 points
Eli Tomac .. 27 points
Back again next Monday with the results from Anaheim 2!!
Ride hard!!