The X Games are officially underway, and a MAJOR player is already out!!Travis Pastrana tried a "TP Roll" in his first competition and wiped it!  (Get it??)  Best trick turned into best wreck and now Travis (Hey, his initials are T.P.!! That's funny!!  Get it??  Ok ... I'll stop.)  has a broken foot and ankle to add to his list of busted parts.  He will not finish this years X Games, and may not be racing in any other events for awhile either.

This weekend was supposed to be a double header for Travis as he was to race nascar and do the X-Games AT THE SAME TIME!!  This guy really is nuts .. anyway; all bets are off for Travis' immediate future.

Watch him break himself and watch Jackson Strong pull off the first ever "forward flip in competition" at

Check out his list of past injuries too ... I'm impressed!  (I just caved in my skull once, he's broken just about everything!)

Accident - wise, it's been a busy week!!  Check out my Motorcycle Monday blog from 7/25 for more motorcycle abuse!!