I have never enjoyed watching the Miss America pageant, but this year, I think I am going to watch the entire thing. Not only are the contestants beautiful, they have some inspiring stories too. Here are some of my favorite, and most interesting candidates this year.

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    Miss Arizona- Jennifer Smestad

    Jennifer Smestad was diagnosed with Tourette's when she was only 10 years old and now at age 20, shows barely any symptoms. She credits Chinese acupuncture with keeping her symptoms in check. Her platform is "Tourette Symptom Awareness and Advocacy" to help other young people who have Tourette's.

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    Miss Iowa- Nicole Kelly

    I call Miss Iowa the alien beauty. Nicole Kelly has one of the most stunning faces I have ever seen. She dances, she dives, and she was born without a left forearm. Her platform is Overcoming Disablities and she hopes to inspire others to overcome their own disabilities.

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    Miss Kansas- Theresa Vail

    This is the contestant that has all my guy friends and me drooling. Theresa Vail is 22 yrs old, beautiful, a boxer, a mechanic, a bow hunter, she rides and she’s a sergeant in the U. S. Army. She stole the parade at the Show Your Shoes Parade. Instead of the fancy, sparkly shoes and outfits that are typical, she wore her 6 year old military boots, her fatigues and even brought her Army Veteran father in the car with her. My favorite part? She will be the first contestant to proudly show off her tattoos. My kinda gal! She is the crowd favorite to win the Miss America crown. You can learn more about her and check out more pictures here.