If you are driving around El Paso and happen to see a house that has been decorated for Christmas with little effort, send it to us for a chance to win some sweet prizes! We only have a few submissions so you have a pretty good chance to win the grand prize of $100, Sun Bowl tickets and KLAQ T-Shirts!

The sad Christmas light display at Shawver Park has inspired this one of a kind contest. The rules are simple, see a house with bad Christmas decorations, take a picture and send it to us. On Monday, the KLAQ Morning Show will go through all the submissions and decide the winner. Here are the new submissions, so far!

KLAQ Submission

 Why buy lights when you can just switch out your regular porch lights?


KLAQ Submission

 I'm guessing there is a house behind this lonely deer or it's a signal for Santa.

KLAQ Submission

 I believe this looks like the first ever elf stripper pole.


Drunk snowman and Rudolph seem to have had too much eggnog.

Danielle Carillo

I am guessing the owner of the house ran out of lights or patience.

If you have your own photo of a sad display, submit it below! You wouldn't believe some of the pictures we get so remember take the picture at night and of decorations actually put up as a display.

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