It's time once again for the Super Bowl of wrestling.  Of course, I'm talking about Wrestlemania 29, which is taking place at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey.

And don't forget that Slammin' It will be back tomorrow during Crunchtime at 12pm on our sister station 600 ESPN EL Paso, so get your wrestling questions ready as it's the only time a year that we dedicate a whole hour on the air to pro wrestling.

So lets get to it, here is your Wrestlemania 29 preview:

The Miz vs. Wade Barrett

Intercontinental Championship Match
First of all, let me say that it's a shame that this match won't be on the PPV broadcast. Which means that the match will be short and sweet.  The WWE will probably give more time to P. Diddy than they devote to this match.

Prediction: Barrett has been good as the champ, and I expect this feud to continue so the best way to continue a feud is by having a title change. But since its not on the PPV broadcast, that's not going to happen.

Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H


This is one of the main matches at Wrestlemania, but why am I not that excited about it.  Is it because Brock Lesnar can only wrestle a couple times a year, and Triple H is turning into the new Undertaker in which he only wrestles at Wrestlemania?

Triple H putting his career on the line makes it interesting, but the real story in this match is how Brock Lesnar will be in the ring. I can see him going after the WWE Champion after Wrestlemania, but he has to destroy Triple H to do that.

So do you really think that Triple will be done after Wrestlemania? I didn't think so.

Prediction: This will be a bloody, old school match with Triple H getting the win after he hits Brock with the sledge hammer.  Unless Shawn Michaels turns on him...Curious

The Rock v John Cena

WWE Championship Match
It's once of a lifetime part 2! I have to commend The Rock for being able to be the WWE Champion and a major hollywood actor at the same time.