After a couple of weeks of hiatus, Monster's Hiney of the Week is back! And here's the best part...THONG SHOTS ARE NOW ALLOWED! SEND THEM IN! Read the whole story to see the uncensored version of this HOT picture.

self portrait


I'll still take pics of you ladies in boy shorts or jeans, but if you want to send thong shots, by all means do it.

I'm still working on a prize for the hiney of the week so give me a couple of weeks to get that figured out.

So ladies if you want to brag about your hiney, you can submit your photo below. Oh and fellas if you want to brag about your lady, send a pic, just make sure you get her permission first.

Today's Monster's Hiney of the week, "Hopes we like it in bed."

When you submit a photo, please include a little about yourself.