A Nebraska woman will stand trial for allegedly sending her 12-year-old daughter on a wild "trip."  The "Omaha World-Herald" is reporting that Cynthia Ewerdt is accused of growing mushrooms with her husband and giving them to her daughter.  Ewerdt and her spouse were arrested earlier this month after their child was found wandering the streets while wet and covered in mud.  Ewerdt's husband reportedly told authorities their daughter had come to them back in April and said she wanted to try the drug.  Rather than risk having their daughter buy mushrooms on the street, the Ewerdts allegedly thought it would be better to grow them themselves.  The family reportedly took the drug on more than one occasion as part of a "spiritual journey." 

Cynthia Ewerdt is now charged with felony child abuse and manufacturing a controlled substance.  Last Friday, a Douglas County judge reduced her bail to 150-thousand dollars, but not before noting that you don't need a high school education to know that growing mushrooms for your kid is a bad idea.