There are different types of arts now a days, but for some really gross reason, this one got my attention. Yeah, I ended up on the weird side of youtube again!

Millie Brown is a 27 year old artist who seemed to take the whole starvation / puking deal to a whole new level. Brown drinks different colored and kinds of milk after starving herself for two days and pukes on canvases placed on the floor.

Brown started doing her splatterpieces in 2005 after being bored of other compositions. She times each performance so her body can recover and of course so the colors of the milk won't mix. (Can't let that happen ...) The reason she pretty much starves herself for two days beforehand is so the milk doesn't have 'chunks'. (Euww!)

As Millie Brown splatters vomited milk, the drip art comes together on its own.

Check out these videos of her different types of splatter art.




Can you imagine after drinking all that milk, if instead she had to use the bathroom? That would definitely be a colorful toilet! On another note, someone should let the Jackass guys know about this!!