When I was going to grade school, the only gifts I got from teachers for my birthday were stickers. A student at Stovall Middle School in Houston Texas received something way more inappropriate for his special day.

Middle school teacher Felicia Smith, 42, decided to treat her students to a special birthday party. No cake or games, just a lap dance. According to Aldine ISD police, the private celebration happened back on February 26th, 2014.

The police report describes the incident as told by the 15-year-old male student. Smith took the male students journal from his hand, I guess that's her way of flirting, then placed a chair at the front of the class.

Once the tardy bell rang, the music was cued up and the students started cheering for the birthday boy to get in the chair. My guess is Van Halen's "Hot For Teacher" had to be the choice made by the teacher for inspiration.

Once he sat down, the student said, "Smith did the thing where she turned around and swiveled her butt. Her routine also included rubbing her hands all over the boy, letting the boy spank her and placing her head in the boys lap.For her big finish, Smith said those three little words that the boy will one day fear, "I love you, baby, Happy Birthday" as she wrapped her arms around him.

When investigators questioned Smith, she did admit to giving the boy a lap dance but it was only after she kept losing her balance and it was making the students laugh. She has been charged for improper relationship with student and is free on a $30,000 bond.

There is video of the teacher's performance that is being held by police and she made her first court appearance Friday but her case has been reset. Smith has been removed from the campus but it is unsure if she is still being paid during the case.