Word over at Team 600 is that Michael Vick just got a new dog for his daughter. Although he was banned from owning a dog while serving his 3-year probation, he’s now free to pound a pooch, I mean, get a pound pooch. Since we’re apparently living in Wonderland, illogical behavior is okay and the Mad Hatter is ready for tea, here are a few other situations we should arrange according to this logic.






Let’s give Casey Anthony more kids. In fact, let’s set her up with her own orphanage somewhere in the middle of a third-world country.







While we’re thinking about the kids, I think Jerry Sandusky should get his own day care. No girls allowed, though, just like the “He-Man Woman Haters Club."








I hear Tiger Woods is looking for a publisher for his new book.












And Stephen Hawking can teach one hell of a yoga class.












Chris Brown can offer anger management advice. Bring an ice pack or two, you’ll need it.










Snooki will teach all the debutants of the world what proper etiquette is.









Jeffrey Dahmer can now have his own restaurant. The meat is a little tough, but all of the bums in a three mile radius are gone.












And lastly, it only make sense to make Scott Ronson a host of Alcoholic Anonymous meetings. Clearly he’s well-suited for the job.






Since the world has clearly gone nuts, let’s watch the most epic “dog fight” of all time.