Who are all the members of your band, and what do they play?


David Nava-Drums
Cris Erick-Percussion
Matt Nava- Trumpet/Bass/s/Vocals
Maribel Bueno- Tsax/Asax/Uke/Vocals
Louie Prieto- Guitar/Bass/Vocals/Percussion
Mario Ramirez- Keys/Bass/Vocals
Jaime Candelaria Bass/Guitar/Vocals

When did the band get together, and how?

Mexklan was formed in 2010. Most of us have been playing together for years in other local bands. Matt and Jaime decided to give it a go and write their own music in early 2010. Maribel and Mario came around soon after with the same idea. Local guitar and percussion legend and all around nice guy Louie P joined in late 2010. Our latest additions are David Nava and Cris Erick

How would you describe your music to someone?

A Latin Jazz fusion with cumbia and ska undertones. A ska/reggae sound with afro-cuban and Jazz influences.

Who are some of the bands that influence your music?

Bob Marley, The Police, The Slackers, Nofx, Rancid, Social D, Sublime,The Specials,The Doors, Queen, Bad Religion, Operation Ivy, RHCP, War, Santana, Buena vista social club, System of a Down and on and on.

What is your most memorable gig so far?

Backyard kegger in the lower valley. Plenty of booze ,good friends and good Music. Partied till the sun came up, then went to hamburger hut for some Menudo. No fights no Cops.

Are you currently signed to any kind of label or management?

Nope. DIY.

What other bands have your members been/are in?

Radio La Chusma
Fixed Idea
Fallen Heroes
Brown Paper Bag

What other local bands would you recommend people check out?

Radio La Chusma
Fixed Idea
Steady Shakedown
Black wolf howl

Where can people contact you to book you for shows?

Mexklan Videos