8 people were killed and 79 injured when an out-of-control monster truck plowed into a crowd of spectators on the outskirts of Chihuahua Saturday. News reports are referring to this as a "freak accident" but if you watch the video you'll clearly (it's posted below), you'll clearly see this tragedy could easily have been prevented. Safety standards are non-existent as the video shows.

The news reports keep referring to the truck going into the "stands".

"Stands"?? There are no "stands" in this video. No retaining wall or barrier either. As nearly as I can tell, this "Monster Truck Show" took place in a field where spectators gathered in a circle to watch the multiple tons of metal hurtle around.

    "Chihuahua Gov. Cesar Duarte Juarez said his administration, which was listed as a sponsor of the air show, was investigating whether Civil Protection authorities had correctly enforced safety regulations."

What "safety regulations"?  Should the spectators have been wearing helmets?

"He and other officials didn't say if those regulations required any protective barrier for spectators."

I think in Mexico a "protective barrier" means "the people in the front row".  And this event was called "The Extreme Aeroshow".  What did the aeroshow entail? A Cessna incapable of flight chasing people down the street with it's propellers on high?

"...officials said they were investigating possible safety violations in the setup of the show."

"Possible safety violations"?  Can it be considered a "violation" if it's obviously something you've never heard of? Again, nice job Mexico.