If you're looking for something cool to do tonight, keep this in mind!

Tonight, you can catch the Orionid meteor shower!  Earth is passing through a bunch of space crap left by Halleys Comet and it's going to cause a GREAT show tonight!  To make it even better, there's no moon tonight so the view should be awesome!

Between 11:40pm and 5:40am there are estimated to be 25 or so meteors an hour!  Load up the family and spend some quality time out in the dark together or grab that special somebody and go spend some "quality" time alone, in the dark, far away from town somewhere!

For stuff like this, I have a secret spot out way off The Gap, (4x4 required!) though anywhere away from the city lights should be cool.  The Upper Valley, The Gap, The Wall and red Sands are probably the best places.  Just be careful you don't wander onto private property!

Read more here ... don't want to read?  Then watch!