The guys in Metallica have decided to change up the set list a little this time around.

Instead of working off a "set" set list, Metallica are going to let the fans decide what they want to hear!  After purchasing tickets online, fans were given a code and a link to cast their vote.  Voting is closed for the South American tour which cranks up Sunday in Bogota Columbia but they head for Europe next and will again play all request sets!

Hopefully, America gets a turn after that.  (If so, everyone pleeeeeease vote for "Of Wolf And Man".  I love that song!) One song that's definitely making the list is Metallicas own request.  They want to play something new so ( from Sunday on anyway) we'll have new Metallica!!

The second I get a copy that's clean enough to air, you'll be hearing it on The Q!! (Speaking of "clean", the vid below contains F-Bombs. NSFW!)