Metallicas Orion Music and More Festival was held recently in Detroit and the coolest part of it was something no one knew about. Until it happened!

Metallica, of course, had double duty this year. Well, triple or quadruple duty really as the festivals organizers, headliners, PR people and more.  They did more sets than people were expecting though!

A band called Dehaan (pronounced Dee-Hahn) was set to play at one point and James Hetfield himself came out to introduce the Baltimore native.

Dehaan (which is also the name of the actor in Metallicas soon to be released "Through The Never" movie) however turned out to be Metallica themselves!  In an insanely cool surprise, they performed their debut release "Kill 'Em All", on a small stripped down stage all the way through!!  (Fellow bassists, Anasthesia starts at 20:05!)

Upon hearing about this, I immediately started to pray that their was video.  Guess what?  IT WORKED!!