One more reason Metallica is still one of the coolest bands ever.

Seriously; how many modern day metalheads would take the time to hang out with a grandma? (not including Glenn Garza's mom)

Margaret Priebe (85 years old) was introduced to Metallica 9 years ago when she heard a song off their S&M CD on the radio. Not so long ago, she actually got to meet 'em!!

A track from Metallica got her attention as she battled cancer and helped her to deal with her medical issues. (fostered an appreciation for Ozzy Osbourne as well oddly enough!) Priebe says that Metallicas' music helped her to relax and sleep better. (Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich called that "the strangest compliment ever").

Her story made its way to Metallica and Priebe, along with her son, attended Metallica's World Magnetic Tour in Tampa, Florida. That's where the Metallicacats welcomed her backstage prior to the concert, took pictures, gave her an official "roadie t-shirt" and a signed a copy of "Death Magnetic".


James Hetfield even dedicated "Nothing Else Matters" to her during the concert!!

Priebe said:

They were just like what I'd thought they'd be - very nice. I like Metallica, there's nothing wrong with them. People think I'm weird. But I'm sorry, I like it loud.

Metallicas "Until It Sleeps" was inspired by Hetfields parents fight ... and ultimate death ... from cancer.

(Cancer is a recuring theme in Hetfields writings. Other songs touching on this subject include "The God That Failed", "Mama Said" and Dyers Eve".)

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