Did you catch the live stream of Metallicas set at the Orion Music And More Festival this weekend??

Then check it out now!!!!!!! 

Metallica threw us poor folk who couldn't get to the big party a bone this weekend!  (Honestly; I couldn't afford a get-away to Cruces right now ... let alone Atlantic freakin' city!)   Rudy Padilla was representing El Paso thanks to KLAQ, but the rest of us all had to sit it out. :(

Metallica didn't want the Borderland missing it though, so they streamed parts of it live!!  How cool is that?? 

If you missed that also; don't worry.  It's my turn to be cool now ... I found Metallicas' first night set for you! 

Here they are doing your favorites and "Ride The Lightning" all the way through.  Backwards for some reason ... Enjoy!!

Hopefully more footage is out there.  As I find it, I'll post it here for you!!  \m/