These two are every metal loving guys dream!

Ok, ok ... so only one of these videos is metal related. Sue me.

The Harp Twins are Camille and Kennerly (don't ask me which one is which) and they are officially my new obsession.  They're twins, ... a long and not so secretly held fantasy of mine ... they're hot, they're super talented and they rock!  (If I find out they're into Harleys as well, the stalking will commence immediately!)

They've done Metallica, AC/DC, G n R and lots of other covers in the past; now they're taking on Maidens "Fear Of The Dark".  Enjoy!!  (The music and the twins!)

Pretty cool huh??  And for all you Walking dead fans ... which apparently is most of you ... here's the shows theme shot in a very Walking Dead-ish setting!