I hope your holidays are going well so far!  I especially hope Santa was nice to you and brought you all you wanted. For those who got crap, remember you can trade up at KLAQ.com!!  Our lame gift exchange could let you unload Grandmas fruitcake or the Britney Spears cd your aunt got you and get an I-pad worth about $500 instead!!  Find out more and get registered between now and Friday at KLAQ.com!

Turning toward New Years now, please remember this: If you’re gonna party, don’t drive … if you’re gonna drive, don’t party!!  Hurt, killed or facing a mountain of legal bills is a sucky way to start the new year, so be smart!!  Call a cab, a friend, take a designated driver with you … use the bus if you have to. Anything is safer than drinking and driving!  We want to rock into 2011 with you in perfect shape!!

If you’re not driving, then by all means; TEAR IT UP!!  Have a cold one or two for me!!

2010 was a pretty cool year, but trust me … 2011 is going to make it look tame!  We already have Slash and Buckcherry to look forward to and there is plenty more in the works!!  Balloonfest, Street fest and the KLAQ BBQ also!  You know what to do .. keep listening to El Paso’s concert leader for details, dates and .. best of all … FREE TICKETS!!

Happy New Year guys … hope it’s a great one for all!