Just when I thought my see-through, leopard leggings were totally appropriate for work. A study by the British Heart Foundation found that a third of men would prefer women to not be allowed to wear revealing outfits at work.

The first item to go? 32% of men said hot pants were unacceptable for work, with a close second at 30% being anything leopard. See through or sheer tops came in at 27%, while miniskirts got 24% of the votes, and rounding out the top 5 was low cut tops at 22%. Other items that were deemed unfit for the office were leggings, UGG boots, slogan T-shirts, and Crocs.

The color red was also mentioned in the article, saying it was a color of power and women wore this color more when they wanted to impress. It was also the sexiest color to wear. This included the use of red lipstick.

So let me go ahead and let you know what my outfits have consisted of for the past, oh, week or so. Today? See through leopard leggings with a low cut top. Yesterday? Black leggings, a red top, and bright red lipstick. Friday? A black leather mini skirt. And my UGG boots always make an appearance when it's cold early in the morning. I wonder where my blue and purple hair would place on that list?

Basically this article is telling me that everything I own is inappropriate for me to be wearing at the office. The good part? I'm in radio so none of the listeners have to endure my tasteless sense of fashion. Those aren't my words. Lauren, the hotness computer babe, uses them to describe almost every outfit I wear to work. I asked my boss what my choice in clothing would score on my employee evaluation sheet and he said I would get at least a 4 out of 5. So this study can suck it.

Here are a couple of my favorite items I wear to the office. I have better examples in my closet, but pulling from my Instagram for photos of me at work was easier.