The new Megadeth album Super Collider comes out on Tuesday! I've heard two songs from the album so far. The first one, "Super Collider", I wasn't over the moon about. It's a straight-forward rock song, something you might find on Risk-era Megadeth. Not horrible by any stretch of the imagination, but probably not a song that will be high on my playlist.

But the second song they even let out in a really cool way. They had a contest for a fan to release "Kingmaker" on their own Twitter feed. Pretty cool idea, and a pretty cool song, too. It's faster, has more of that Mustaine snarl to the sound, and of course, features some fantastic Chris Broderick shred-work.

As I always am with Megadeth, I'm looking forward to this one coming out.

Check out the live version:

Here's the album version of Kingmaker:

And here's the album version of Super Collider: